How to update Digimaster 3 III to v1.8.1607.25 to change Honda km

Original Digimaster 3 odometer correction master today is verified to change km for Honda Elysion 93C7 & Odyssey 93C76 and reset airbag for Ford F1ET-14B321-CB & Ford DS7T-14B321-EA. So Digimaster iii version 1.8.1607.25 is updated successfully.
Digimaster III 7.27 Update Info:New Added car models for odometer adjustment and airbag resetting
Version: 1.8.1607.25
New Added car model for odometer adjustment
1.Honda Elysion 93C76
2.Honda Odyssey 93C76
New Added car model for Airbag Resetting
1.Ford F1ET-14B321-CB
2.Ford DS7T-14B321-EA
How to update Digimaster 3 software:
Step 1, plug the power supply to digimaster3 and insert the network cable into the LAN interface of digimaster3.

Step 2, select “Management”

Step 3, select “Update”

Step 4, select “Software Upgrade”

Step 5, update in process

Then Digimaster III v1.8.1607.25 update complete!