Digiprog 3 Nissan Qashqai HCS12 pinout NV200 mileage also OK

This blog will share with you a tested success result: Digiprog 3 V4.94 is OK to change mileage for Nissan Qashqai HCS12 and Nissan NV200 HCS12!
Check below Digiprog 3 HCS12 pinout!

Digiprog 3 pinout for Nissan Qashqai, Nissan NV200 9S12XHZ256
from backside of cluster no need removal, quick job.
use Qashqai HCS12 works 100%, easy to do!
Nissan nv200
yellow - BDM
brown - GND
green - reset
white - 5V
Tested Digiprog 3 DP 3 Clone: Digiprog 3 4.94 full set (High quality+ entire kit with full adapters)
Tested Digiprog 3 software: Digiprog 3 V4.94
(If you need update to this version, go to here: Digiprog 3 V4.94 Update Service)

Hope this helps!


Digiprog 3 V4.94 change VW Passat B6 mileage OK steps

I have to say Digiprog 3 Odometer Programmer is really good! It’s kind of clone, BUT I used it to do so many cars OK!
Below is an example: How I use Digiprog 3 to change VW Passat B6 mileage?
Easy steps to adjust VW Passat B6 2007 mileage by Digiprog 3
First, use the OBD cable to connect Digiprog 3 with Passat via the OBD2 port.
It automatically power on when I connect the other end of OBD cable to device unit.
Next, input my device password then I can enter the main menu as below:
Choose EEPROM.
Find maker VW then car model Passat then Passat B6 -2008.
Then, choose this TACHO DIAG function.
Now Digiprog 3 shows me the old odometer value correctly as 167663KM!
And I just input a new odometer and confirm it.
Things done!
In this way I use Digiprog3 V4.94 to adjust VW Passat B6 mileage easily!
And I want to recommend this Digiprog3 V4.94 Update Service, update my Digiprog 4 V4.88 to V4.94 without any issue!

That’s all. Hope my sharing helps!


V4.94 Digiprog 3 Odometer Master change MB E350 W211 mileage OK

Here is a tested success case for sharing: V4.94 Digiprog 3 Odometer MasterProgrammer change Mercedes W211 E-class mileage in 5 minutes! Check below steps to know how simple it is!
Step1. Connect Digiprog iii with W211 via car OBD connector. Power up Digiprog iii and you see notice information, just say yes. Then enter password to open main menu.
Turn car ignition on and the old odometer value is 175343.
Step2. Choose “Car/Truck” option then “Mercedes” manufacturer.
Select “W211 (E-class)” use the down arrow.
Step3. Choose “Tacho Diag” function.
Now the centre control immobilizer indicator start blink. Digiprog 3 read out the old odometer.
Enter new odometer value as 173422 and wait a while.
Change Mercedes Benz E350 W211 mileage successfully by Digiprog 3 V4.94! Now new odometer value turn to 173422!
Multilingual Digiprog iii V4.94 entire kit with ST01/02 ST04 Adapter update via serial number directly


Digiprog 3 Mileage Correction review: Tested OK or Not OK

This blog is OK or not OK reviews on Digiprog 3 Odometer Master Programmer. You will know what’ tested working and not working with Digiprog 3 separately.

Digiprog 3 mileage correction Tested OK results:
Audi A4 2002 OBD OK
Audi A4 2001 1.9D with OBD OK
Audi A4 2005 OBD OK
Audi A4 2006 OBD OK
Audi A5 2008 OBD OK
Audi A6 c6 2004 OBD OK
Audi A6 2005 2.7D by OBD, first time read info but didn't write new values, second time OK
Audi A4 B6 RB4 Crypto OBD OK
Audi A6 4F 2011 OBD OK
Audi A6 c6 2007 OBD OK
Audi Q7 2007 OBD OK (first try didn’t change, second try OK)
Audi A8 D4 2012 OBD OK
Audi A8 2004 OBD OK

Golf 4 OBD OK
Golf IV AGR 1998 OBDII OK - dash fuse need to be pull out at the end of the procedure.
VW Golf 5 OBD OK
VW Golf 6 OBD OK
VW Golf 6 OBD OK
VW Golf 6 2008/12 OBD OK
VW Caddy 2012 OBD OK
VW Passat 2003 OBD OK
VW Passat 2005 b6 OBD OK
VW Passat 2006 OBD OK
VW passat 2011 OBD OK
VW Phaeton 2005 OBD OK
VW Touran 2011 OBD OK
VW Touran 2010 OBD OK

Skoda Fabia 2004 OBD – OK
Skoda Superb 2006 OK
Skoda Octavia 2009 OBD OK
Skoda Octavia 1.9TDI (no DPF) 2009 facelift 77kw - OBD OK
Skoda Superb 2014 OBD OK

Toyota Avensis 2005 via chip OK
Toyota Avensis verso 2005 via chip OK
Toyota Yaris 2006 93c56, program chip OK.
Toyota Rav4 2011 via chip OK
Toyota Celica 2001 connector 04/02 OK

Mercedes CL63 AMG OBD + Filter OK
MB E-class 2003 OBD OK
MB C-class 2009 OBD OK
MB E-class 2011 OBD OK
Mercedes CLS 2014 OBD OK
MB A-class W176 2015 desolder chip 95640 + can filter. OK
MB A-class W168 2003 OBD OK

Ford C-Max 2007 OBD OK.
Ford Fiesta 2007 OBD OK
mondeo 2008. big screen (color) OBD OK

Ferrari 458 Italia 2010 - OBD OK (1min)
BMW X3 2006 ST01 OK
Vauxhall Vivaro 2010 93c66 chip OK
Vauxhall Vivaro 2013 93c76 chip OK (need to desolder chip. chip is easy to find at back of cluster, nearby connector)
Citroen Nemo 2008 ST01 OK
Citroen C3 BSI chip 95160 read/write OK (no need desolder) dash 93c46 chip OK
Peugeot 607 2005 BSI 95128 chip OK (Desolder), dash 93c66 OK (no desolder)
Renault Twingo 2013 by chip 96c66 OK
Kia Ceed 2008 with C56 – OK
Dodge Nitro OBD OK
Fiat Bravo 2007 OBD OK
Seat Toledo 2000 OBD OK
Honda Civic Type R (EP3 MY 2004) by EEPROM 93CS56 OK
Chrysler 300 C 3.0 Diesel 2007 OBD OK, but after odometer correction there is fault P242F for DPF filter. After DPF regeneration everything is OK.

Digiprog 3 Tested Not OK results:
Mercedes sprinter destroyed dash
Ford Kuga EEPROM 24C32 write failed. Put 30.000km but dash show 48.000km
Octavia 2014 not work
A4 2003 with RB4 - OBD not OK
MB ML 2006 Seat belt via OBD it didn’t work and later engine light on
Mercedes A-class W168 1998/ 2001 OBD not work
Seat EXEO 2010 via OBD unknown version
VW Passat 2012 via OBD unknown version
VW Touareg 2006 OBD - Not Connected
Skoda Roomster 2009 OBD – Didn’t change

VW Transporter T5 2007 - Dash OK, Engine not OK


How to update Digimaster 3 III to v1.8.1607.25 to change Honda km

Original Digimaster 3 odometer correction master today is verified to change km for Honda Elysion 93C7 & Odyssey 93C76 and reset airbag for Ford F1ET-14B321-CB & Ford DS7T-14B321-EA. So Digimaster iii version 1.8.1607.25 is updated successfully.
Digimaster III 7.27 Update Info:New Added car models for odometer adjustment and airbag resetting
Version: 1.8.1607.25
New Added car model for odometer adjustment
1.Honda Elysion 93C76
2.Honda Odyssey 93C76
New Added car model for Airbag Resetting
1.Ford F1ET-14B321-CB
2.Ford DS7T-14B321-EA
How to update Digimaster 3 software:
Step 1, plug the power supply to digimaster3 and insert the network cable into the LAN interface of digimaster3.

Step 2, select “Management”

Step 3, select “Update”

Step 4, select “Software Upgrade”

Step 5, update in process

Then Digimaster III v1.8.1607.25 update complete!


How to repair a Digiprog 3 v4.94 with blue screen?

There is a blue screen chip for your Digiprog 3 v4.94 with blue screen , send serial number of digiprog 3 to us,then blue screen chip can be customized (Service charges for $10, not include freight)


Choose which one to adjust mileage? XTOOLX100 Pro, OBDSTAR X300M, X300 Pro3, F100

Hi, I am Jerry. My car is Mazda CX5. Hope this writing can help you choose right tool. Two months ago I was confused about which tool should I buy. I wanted to adjust odometer and correct mileage, so I did a detailed research and was suggested to use: XTOOLX100 Pro/ OBDSTAR X300M/ X300 Pro3/ F100. Following is what I want to share with you.
Finally I bought OBDSTAR F100, I used it adjust odometer OK and took this picture.

So choose which one on earth?
I made some comparison among OBDSTAR X300 Pro3/ X300M/ F100/ XTOOL X100 Pro.
Round 1: Main Function and Price of XTOOLX100 Pro/ OBDSTAR X300M/ X300 Pro3/ F100
(I recommend you to buy original, these four tools are all original and you can update free for one year at official website)
XTOOL X100 Pro  208.00/ $226.72

Professional handheld key programmer, support programming and synchronizing on keys, smart keys, engine ECUs, Immobilizers for most vehicles in the markets, also support mileage correction on some cars.
OBDSTAR X300M  225.00/ $245.25

Only for odometer adjustment
Professional and universal mileage correction tool can do odometer adjustment for all cars via OBD directly.
OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Key Master  479.00/ $522.11

Immobilizer + Odometer Adjustment +EEPROM/PIC+OBDII
Supports odometer correction for part of Mazda/Ford/Jaguar and Land Rover via OBD
It covers all function of OBDSTAR F100.
OBDSTAR F100 152.99/ $166.76

Most powerful Mazda/Ford Key Programmer support all key lost, Odometer Adjustment, key learning. No Need Pin Code.
Can do odometer adjustment for Ford/ Mazda/ Land Rover/ Jaguar
Support the latest version of Mazda CX-3, CX-5, Mazda 2/3/6
Round 2:  Model Test results of XTOOLX100 Pro/ OBDSTAR X300M/ X300 Pro3/ F100
(I got most of following test results from the shop website, if you want more info you can check it www.eobdtool.co.uk)
XTOOL X100 Pro support car models:

OBDSTAR X300M support car models:

OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Key Master support car models:

OBDSTAR F100 support car models: